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Nabhi Chakra


The evolutionary growth of humankind mirrors the ascending Chakras of our subtle system, and our corresponding Spiritual growth path. The Nabhi Chakra represents the evolutionary point when man’s shelter became “home”, when the family unit became a source of satisfaction in itself rather then just a channel of reproduction. This domestic satisfaction translates into the satisfaction that we feel with life in general after our Spiritual awakening through Self-Realization.

Center Nabhi

Deity : Shri Vishnu (Shri Laxmi)
Gross (physical) Level: Solar Plexus
Manifestation (controls): Stomach & intestines

Qualities :
  • Satisfaction,
  • Contentment,
  • Peacefulness and Generosity,
  • Dharma (right conduct) and Evolution
No. of Petals: Ten (10)
Associated Day: Thursday
Associated Color: Green
Associated Planet: Jupiter
Associated Element: Water
Associated Gem: Emerald
Place on hand: Middle fingers
Associated Symbol: Ying/Yang

Causes of Catch / Obstruction

Asceticism, fasting, alcohol & drugs, over-criticism, fanaticism, untidiness in self and home, and foodism.

Left Nabhi

Deity :
Shri Gruhalaxmi
Manifestation (controls): Spleen and Pancreas
Qualities : Welcoming and caring host, the place of the ideal wife
Place on hand: Left middle finger

Causes of Catch:

Family and household problems, dominating husband or wife, too much rushing around, worrying.

Right Nabhi :

Deity: Shri Shesha (Shri Rajalaxmi)
Manifestation (controls): Liver
Qualities: Sense of Dignity, Attention
Place on hand: Right middle finger

Causes of Catch:

Food that is bad for liver, fastidiousness

Position in Human body :


Satisfaction is actually a key word for the Nabhi Chakra. Some “hot livered” people are naturally irritable. For them life without worry is an impossibility, they will express their discontent at
the slightest excuse. When our Spirit manifests, we can put things into their true perspective, and worry becomes an unusual occurrence. In the peace of thoughtlessness, we can only be content. We realise that the Spirit is not concerned with passing trends and fashions, a button missing here or there. The affirmation for the Nabhi Chakra is “In my Spirit I am satisfied”.

The Nabhi is the center of welfare, both physical and financial. As man developed his creative powers further, he also learned to harness nature’s resources to his advantage - and thus grew prosperous. Prosperity is a necessary step in evolution, and money is a valid medium of exchange in order to obtain the essential needs and desires of man. If we do not have the means of satisfying the basic needs then they will continue to preoccupy our attention, diverting us from the true direction. We have been blessed with intelligence and a versatile body through which we can work to raise the means to fulfill these needs. When these needs are satisfied, then these
mundane matters no longer occupy us and block our growth.

However, sometimes we get lost. The desire for basic needs transforms into a cycle of insatiable desire for things in general
- the start of a materialist existence. There is nothing wrong in being wealthy. The problem lies in becoming obsessed with money. The desire for money for the sake of money is greed. It crosses the boundary of need and becomes an obsession, a disease that retards growth. Miserliness and hoarding prevent the proper flow of money to places of need, and represent the selfish, primitive mind which does not know the truth about the basics of life. In nature everything flows, because nature is one. Money should be no exception - the energy has to flow to every part of the creation.

By sharing we learn. Being generous is so elevating, whereas hoarding leads to stagnation, it creates a blocked mind, a negative mind. Such as person is maligant and dangerous for society. It is selfishness and greed that leads to environmental crises and to the pollution of the modern lifestyle. Our spiritual growth relies on our contentment, and our contentment depends on our open heartedness and generosity. If we share, we receive the first benefits of that act, and our Nabhi Chakra also benefits in kind.

Another aspect to the Nabhi Chakra is that of Dharma or right conduct in our lives. In order for us to maintain a state of satisfaction within, we have to exist in a state of satisfaction without; and this means appreciating the benefits of living an upright life. It cannot be an artificial process, it comes naturally through our Attention after our Realisation. Just as gold cannot tarnish, so Dharma cannot be altered. There is no relative state of Dharmic conduct. An act is either fundamentally right or not. Dharma is the code of evolution, through which man has evolved form amoeba to the present stage. This code protects and nourishes our spiritual growth. The most powerful evocation of the laws of Dharma were the Ten Commandments
which were provided as evolutionary guidelines. Those who have always followed these basic principles of right conduct experience a powerful and lasting process of selfrealisation. Those who did not understand the need for such conduct before realisation, become naturally aware of it afterwards. In fact after our realisation we can even experience our reaction to Dharmic conduct by the physical signals of the stomach region. Some people have been amazed to find how sensitive their stomachs become to any activity which is Adharmic (outside Dharma) and how it revolts against such acts. It is a fact, though, that the more one enjoys the beauty of becoming the Spirit, the less time one has for anything which is not Dharmic. The evolutionary laws of survival and growth start to manifest naturally within us.

It must be remembered that these guidelines are there as examples for us to follow. We are not forced to do anything. In Sahaja Yoga you are your own judge and jury. The vibrations state the case for you, and then it is up to you to give the verdict and pass the sentence. This is a direct benefit of receiving your realisation, as you stop identifying with your weaknesses and become the witness to your true self. In a way you provide your own Last Judgement!


The presiding deity (or role model) of the center is Shri Vishnu, the Preserver. He it is who sustains our Dharma and leads us in our evolution. The power of the Nabhi Chakra is the place of
Gruhalaxmi - the wife, the Goddess of the household. The wife must be respected and also must be the embodiment of respectability. Shri Laxmi is also the source of the peace which we get from our Spiritual awakening and through meditations. GROSS PHYSICAL ASPECT This center governs the workings of the stomach area. If the functioning of the stomach becomes disturbed, then the process of digestion and assimilation of food is affected. The stomach is therefore very important. Our attitude towards food, and how we eat, affects the digestive juices and the glands. If we are in a hurry, or angry or worried whilst eating then the food will not be properly digested because the stomach muscles are tense and cannot work properly on the digestive process. We should enjoy balanced meals so that the food progresses easily to the stomach, there to be dealt with properly by the digestive juices. For proper nourishment, eating peacefully is a must - it is a meditation.

The Nabhi Chakra is also responsible for the liver, and importance of this organ for our meditation and Attention cannot be stressed too much. It is very important to take particular care of the liver (which is prone to overheating through improper diet or stimulants) and to ensure that we do not exhaust it too much through over thinking and planning.


The Nabhi can be weaked in a number of ways. We can catch on the left side of this center if we suffer problems in the household or if we worry too much about money. After realisation we learn to have faith in the power of Providence, that the Divine is taking care of us. We gain the strength to face our responsibilities and start to enjoy the duties we must take on. We realise that the family, as the most important unit in society has to be supported and must flourish in an atmosphere of love, respect and unity.
Too much thinking about food, whether in gluttony or fasting, also affects this center. It keeps the stomach excited and hinders the energy flow. Do not worry too much about food as long as it is wholesome and nourishing. The opposite extreme also applies. Indiscriminate fasting disturbs the Chakra. We cannot reach our Spirit through fasting. The stomach needs a regular routine and diet - ask any doctor. Fasting can be undertaken with proper guidance for health purposes, but it has no Spiritual significance. On the contrary fasting serves to make the Attention divert to food. When the body needs food it sends the signal. We should not practice self-denial or aggression with any Chakra and its laws. Drinking alcohol and eating the wrong type of food are also not helpful to the Nabhi Chakra.
After realisation we find that our attitude to food changes. We stop craving particular dishes and start enjoying good food which gives the best vibrations. We develop a subtle and detached attitude, and can gain the same amount of satisfaction from the simple meal as from the finest cuisine.


Clearing the Center Chakra:

Using the Elements:

  • The use of a candle around the stomach area is very effective.
  • Soak your feet in a bowl of warm salted water at meditation (recommended for all the lower chakras).
  • Deep and relaxed slow breathing in and out for a while.


  • Mother, in my Spirit I am satisfied.

General Advice:

  • Give vibrations to the front and back of the Nabhi.
  • Drink vibrated water.
  • Massage the knees and elbows.

Clearing the Left Nabhi Chakra:

Using the Elements:

  • The candle treatment around the stomach area.
  • Soak your feet in a bowl of warm salted water at meditation.


  • Mother, please make me a generous person.

General Advice:

  • Give vibrations to the left Nabhi.
  • Develop the habit of being satisfied with every aspect of life.
  • Try not to complain too much.
  • Increase intake of salt (especially of generally left sided problems).
  • Develop the quality of auspiciousness and generosity, avoid miserliness.

Clearing the Right Nabhi Chakra:

Using the Elements:

  • Footsoak in cold water.

General Advice:

  • Avoid fatty foods and excessive amounts of dairy products
  • Eat foods that are cooling to the liver such as: cane sugar, ginger, white rice, yoghurt, chick peas and fresh fruit and vegetables (see liver diet).
  • Try to contain the emotion of anger when inappropriately expressed.
  • Place an ice pack on the liver area (also useful during meditation if there are problems in going thoughtless).

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