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The Void (Bhavsagar Chakra)


During the period of man's evolution to date, there has been a constant battle against ignorance and illusion. This state of ignorance is something that has to be overcome before man can actually experience the beauty if the reality of the Spirit. The area which represents this struggle to cross over from illusion to reality is known as
the Void, or the Bhavsagara (ocean of illusions)

The 10 Primordial Masters

Raja Janaka
10,000-16,000 B.C.



2,000 B.C.

1300 B.C.

1,000 B.C.

Lao Tse
604 B.C.


551 B.C.


469 B.C.



570 A.D.

1469 A.D.

Sai Nath

1856 A.D.

Deity : Shri Adi Guru

He is portrayed as three heads tha
t symbolise :
  • Shri Bramha (Creation)
  • Shri Vishnu (Preservation or Evolution)
  • Shri Shiva (Destruction)
He holds a trident to destroy the Ego and a drum to awaken those in the sleep of ignorance.
With the shell he produces the primordial sound OM, and with the discus he destroys the bonds that come from the karma of his disciples.
The pitcher contains the nectar of wisdom and the four dogs that accompany him represent the four vedic books.
The Divine cow Kamdhenu grants all the desires, both material and spiritual, of all those who seek divine guidance and who are devoted to him.
Manifestation (controls): Digestion
Qualities : Dharma, Balance, Stability, Personality
Associated Day : Thursday
Associated Color: Green
Associated Element: Fire, water
Place on hand: Base of fingers and outer ring of palm

Causes of Catch / Obstruction

Fanaticism, fantasy, spiritualism, black magic & ESP, false gurus and false knowledge.

Position in Human body :


The Void is the center of our own mastery. As the Kundalini energy enlightens this area we become our own Guru. The word Guru means weight or gravity, and this grounded state is

one of the primary ways that we remain in balance in the midst of our turbulent existence. When the Kundalini rises and fills the Void, our Attention is led out of the confusion and illusion, and into the awareness of the higher Reality. In this way we can take control of our own evolution without relying on external forces, eventually our own introspection will provide the answers and keys during our meditation. In a lot of cases the key will be to recognize a solution to our problem resented to us externally, but as we become our own master we are able to discern the right from wrong, the Truth from fiction.

The other side of this coin is, of course, the principle of the disciple. It is as important for us to recognize Truth in a humble and open minded way as it is to give advice with a gravity of a Master. The greatest Masters throughout the ages have been the most humble disciples of God. In this way they surrender their ego to the Divine and are able to teach with absolute authority, even when directly challenging the established wisdom of the time. Since the Void is directly connected with the Nabhi Chakra, it is no coincidence that the principle of Dharma is a fundamental

aspect of this area. All of the great Masters and Prophets who have taken their birth on the earth to guide us, have made Dharma (or righteous conduct) a key tenet of their teachings. We can only become better beings by not abusing ourselves or debasing others; in other words, by living properly and in accordance with the laws of nature.


All of the great Prophets who have come to act as role models for the human race and to give knowledge of the higher Reality are associated with the Void. The primordial Deity is Shri Adi

Guru, and the great Prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Lao-Tse, Janaka, Guru Nanak, Mohammed Sahib, Sai Nath of Shirdi, Zaratustra, Confusius and Socrates are simply embodiments

of this Primordial Master. It is they who have taught us the ways of righteous living that maintain codes of conduct by which anarchy is avoided. The disciple principle also resides within us in this area, and this principle has been represented on the earth as Luv and Kush (the children of Shri Rama and Shri Sita), as Markendaya, as Adi Shankaracharya, David, John the Baptist, Buddham, Mahavira, Kabir, Michaelangelo, Kalil Gibran, William Shakespeare, William Blake and others.

The role models or “beacons to the path” have taken birth all over the world. In a lot of cases they have had to reincarnate specifically to undo the wrong done by their earlier followers who have begun to stray from the teachings. For example Mohammed Sahib came onto the earth to teach Dharma to a barbaric peoples of the time, who in turn tortured his life. As a result, out of disgust, he vowed that “this is the last time a Prophet will come.” But when he saw how his compassion

was thrown to the dogs he incarnated as Guru Nanak to teach Hindu-Muslim unity. Nowadays of course his own followers are haters of Muslims and vice versa. In a similar way Shri Adi Shankaracharya returned as Kabir to try and lead his followers away from ritualism and idol worship which they started practicing so indiscriminately.


The Void is the gap between the Kundalini and the vagus nerve of the parasympathetic system. It represents all space and time from the beginning of creation to the peak of our evolution in human awareness. It is the vacuum which separates our awareness from the Absolute while we are still in the unen-lightened state. The Void is actually created by the outermost circular movement of the Swadisthana around the Nabhi Charka, and it contains the two centers relating to the Sun (Surya) and Moon (Chandra).


We can tell when we are disturbing the Guru principle within us by the upset to our digestive system. This can manifest as nausea or any other symptoms emanating from the stomach area. If for instance we are witness to any Adharmic activity or indulge in abuse of our physical or subtle system we can easily determine the effect on our system by the feeling that we experience in this area. Nervous tension in our stomach or butterflies before an exam or test are simply expressions of our Mastery Principle being challenged.
Similarly we are able to discern false teachings from Truth by responding to the condition of the Void. The combination of vibratorial awareness and signals from our Void area can be a powerful pointer to the legitimacy of any practice whether it be spiritual or material. We learn to become atuned to our subtle system in this way and eventually can respond rapidly to avoid that which will do us harm and to open up towards that which will be of benefit to our being. The Guru principle within us is a very powerful force for our benevolence, but we must learn to recognize the signals.


Using the Elements:

  • Footsoak in a bowl of hot water with salt in it.

  • Using a candle around the Void area.


  • Mother, I am my own Master.

  • Mother, You are my Guru.

General Advice from Shri Mataji:

  • Left hand towards the photo, right hand on Void.

  • Shoe-beating.

  • Drinking salt water.

  • Self-discipline (e.g. getting up early to meditate)

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