Sunday, August 24, 2008

Adi Shakti – the Force of Nature

At this juncture, one may ask that “Why did She not straight forward create human beings?” That was the idea of God Almighty, just to create human beings. But Adi Shakti, being the Mother, She had Her own way of expression. She thought She must create the mirrors for God Almighty to see His face, to see His image, to see His character and that’s how this long range of evolution took place. This evolution had to work out this way because they had to know from where they come. We must know that we come from nature. Even nature should know it comes from the Mother Earth, and Mother Earth herself has her own Kundalini—and she too is not just a dead earth, but she knows, she thinks, she understands and she regulates. You can see in the nature how every tree has got its own limitations, how every fruit is produced in a particular tree—how it happens? What works out this kind of regulation? If this Mother Earth was moving with a higher speed than what it is today, we would not have been born even. If it would have been less speed, it would not have worked out. See the whole plan that was made—it is a beautiful plan that the Mother Earth has to move around the sun in such a manner that different seasons are created, that’s why the power (the Parama Chaitanya, which is the power of the Adi Shakti) is also called as Ritambara Pragnya. This is the power that does all the living work, all the organization, all the creation.

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