Sunday, August 24, 2008

The common principle of life that binds us - by the Adi Shakti

So whatever may be your birth, whatever may be the country you are born, whatever may be your culture—you are human beings, basically you all are the same—you laugh the same, you smile the same, also you cry the same way. I haven’t seen anybody crying with his hands and tears falling out of his fingers—do they? And, that is how one has to realize that we are all bound by some common principle of life—and the common principle of life that has bound us by the Adi Shakti is that we all have Kundalini within us, all the human beings have Kundalini within us. It is in the animals also but it’s not so developed, it’s not yet what you call—a full form of Kundalini that can be awakened. But in the human form only it has evolved as a connection, as the one that is the Divine Force within us, which is the reflection of the Adi Kundalini, which is so easily awakened in this Kali Yuga. This is the common principle we all have, so we have to respect all the people, all the human beings, whatever nation they come from, whatever country they belong to, whatever colour they have—because they all have their Kundalini. Then there are people, as you people are, who are awakened, who are enlightened, who have got their realization. So, when you understand that this is the enjoyment of the attention of the Adi Ma, of the Primordial Mother, it’s just the play and an enjoyment.

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