Sunday, August 24, 2008

As you are seeking, the Divine is seeking you

Then when you have achieved full growth in your spirituality—What should happen to you? What should we feel? How do we then exist? --This is the question many a times you have asked. I have told you in the beginning that God felt lonely and that’s why he created this Adi Shakti and through Her the whole universe was created. But also true, that as you are seeking also the Divine is seeking you. Also, that your seeking is absolutely awarded if you understand the simple thing about Divine, that it is the one that has given you intelligence. It is the one that has given you wisdom, it is the one which has given you whatever you have—as you were singing, “whatever we have is given by You.” If that is the case, that all that you have is given by your Kundalini, by this Mother power of your Kundalini, then it’s very important to understand what the need is of keeping Her happy and Her satisfaction. You must try to see what makes Her happy. As I said, there’s a relationship between the realized souls and the Divine. The Divine is happy when you are happy. Or we can say when the Divine makes you happy and you are happy, then the Divine is happy. It’s such a relationship and it’s so close, it’s so close, we can say as the sun has sun’s rays, or the moon has its own moonlight. It is so close, it’s so in-grained, so much built-in and that should give you full control over yourself and over your development.

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