Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surrender to find the Truth

Today, I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis who have found the Truth. There has been, from ages, the seeking for the Truth. And when people discovered that there is no other way but to surrender to the Divine so that you can find the truth, they did not know how to do it, how to work it out. There have been seekers all over the world… Such darkness existed around people who were seeking. All over the world I found, when I was a little girl, that they were completely ignorant about how to find the truth; so many were lost in all kinds of so-called religions and rituals. All kinds of rituals they used to do, morning till evening, some sort of a ritual they would do. Whether they were Hindus, Christians, Muslims, they all believed that by doing all these rituals you will achieve something, that you will know the Truth, that you will get your Self Realisation. All such seekers went to wrong people and to wrong directions because they were really seeking from their heart. So they were very misled into such horrible black areas that they did not know what they were seeking, what they are supposed to seek, what they have to have. (06. 05. 2001 - Cabella Ligure, Italia)

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