Monday, August 18, 2008

The Communication and the Divinity!

"…The communication with the Divine has to go to the whole world. Shri Krishna did it in a very simple way as a child. Like when the gopis were taking bath he hid their clothes. He sat on a tree and tried to raise their Kundalini. They came out of the river Yamuna vibrated by Radha. Then He breaks their pitchers from the back, which also got vibrated water, fall on the back of these ladies and He tried to awaken their Kundalini. Then He shows later on His child-like expertise in dealing with politics, communication, people etc.

His power was Radha. Ra means energy and Dha means the one who sustains. The gopis and the gopas (Cowherds) had to do Raas. Ra means energy, Sa means with i.e. to dance with the energy who is Radha . As He played the flute and She danced the energy used to pass through Her hands to all the other people and the Kundalini would be awakened. In the play only He raised the Kundalini.

In the modern times Sahaja Yoga is not just raising the Kundalini but giving the complete knowledge about Sahaja Yoga and also empowering the person and having the power to give Realisation. It was a tremendous task. And that's why we had to find out these methods by which we could give realisation to people.

In those days Kundalini was awakened but the Sahasrara was not broken. Such people became the seekers of today who are Sahaja yogis, who's Sahasrara are open and they know all the Yukti of Sahaja Yoga. But there are subtler and subtler Yuktis of Sahaja Yoga, which you have to muster"..

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.
(Shri Krishna Puja Cabella , Italy, 01.09.1991)

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