Monday, September 1, 2008



1. Total Surrender– Total Surrender of all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems/(enemies, negativities etc to be taken care of by Sri Krishna in the mother) at the lotus feet of the divine mother with utmost humility (left) and complete obedience (right) as an instrument of the divinity to accept the divine qualities of mother such as love, peace, joy, satisfaction, liberation, oneness, forgiveness….

2. PURE Desire: Have the purest of pure desires that is kundalini which is the reflection of divine mother to distance one–self from the mundane desires (which are problematic/insignificant and temporary) with firm determination and devotion and with utmost humility and honesty to get fulfillment in life.

3. Pure Action: The purest of pure actions is of spreading / proclaiming testament the “Truth” thru Sahaja yoga (Maha yoga) of divine mother and collectivity as a part & parcel of the whole by the spontaneous union of individual spirit with absolute spirit with absolute dedication and dispassion and with utmost obedience and sincerity (to others) to get perfection in life.

4. Pure Attention: Purest of pure attentions is the attention on the divine vibrated lotus feet of the divine mother to carry out all the above activities without obstacles to get perfection in life through continuous education from collectivity with a sense of discipline (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and with absolute discrimination of right (self) and wrong (non–self) and with unlimited love to get character–excellence in life.

5. Absolute Innocence: Absolute innocence of Ganesha to move about in the world smoothly to have livelihood and memorylessness like a child – wisdom, purity, chastity, frankness discretion and auspiciousness.

6. Total Recognition: Total Recognition of divine mother whole–heartedly and with absolute faith on the divinity, individual, worlds and on sahaja yoga practice.

7. Self – Introspection: Introspection of oneself by identifying with the others’ problems to rectify vasanas, samskaras, catches etc so as to have smooth & vertical ascent through constantly diverting the attention from extra–spection, word–spection, doubt–spection to Divine–spection. Then Slip into…..

8. Thoughtless – Awareness State: Witnessing / seeing without thinking and enjoying the things as they are with 100% absorption with the Kundalini.

9. Recognition of 12 Grahas: (Please these grahas) also so as not to have obstacles towards divinity from them in one’s ascent along with the pleasing of Divine Mother by being the part & parcel of the (whole) galaxy.

10. Doubtless Awareness State: When one’s attention goes to the points in the body and stays there till corrected and goes back to joy without having any doubts what so ever.

11. Feeling Consciousness – Niranand Shearjoy State : As one continues in this state, without any doubts, thoughts, imaginations to reach this state of shear joy being one with the divine in a collective manner.

12. Sadasiva Consciousness State: This state gives expansion of all four states leading to infinite level slowly to have God–realistion and to merge with APE at the end. At this state, what one says, thinks, looks etc – materializes as divine manifestations (Miracles).

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