Monday, September 1, 2008

Only those who have the pure desire get Sahaja Yoga

"Some people complain about price of tapes, etc. for poor people. If you are so much worried about the poor people then buy one tape for yourself and another for some poor person and help the poor. Because this money goes for Sahaja Yoga. I do not need your money. In any case God is free, vibrations are free, everything is free. But if you have to publish a book they have to spend some money. But this is the attitude. Especially the Maharashtrians. Even in Ganpatipule it is the same. We pay lakhs to get the musician for you people. Who is going to pay for them? To the Gods there will be no dearth, but you will have less of money by this attitude. Whatever you have is because you are Sahaja Yogis. So you have to serve Sahaja Yoga. If you are miserly then you will not get the Laxmi Tatwa. Everyone should daily ask themselves what have I done for Sahaja Yoga? When you fall sick Sahaja Yoga Cures you. Your Kundalini cures you. Whatever benefits you have got, have all been because of Sahaja Yoga ".

"Only those who have the pure desire get Sahaja Yoga. Many people come to Sahaja Yoga to get their illness cured. Please do not treat anybody's illness. Why do you have to do/ my photo can do everything. You can make them do three candle treatment, or water treatment but do not touch. No matter how close that person is to you, do not touch them with your hands. If that person is unable to do himself and can not sit, then it is a different matter. Normally do not touch him with your hands, otherwise, you will get caught or you will get some fault in you. You can cure simple illness- learn the method of curing-Which are the Chakras, and their science. But there is no need to put your hands on them".

"One should eat less sweets and fried things should even be less than that. Do not eat ' postman' oil in Sahaja Yoga and one should not eat groundnut oil. One should cook in less oil. Men should see that their wives are making the right kind of food. One should reduce the intake of chillies. Maharashtrians eat too much chillies."

(New dimensions in Sahaja yoga, Pratisthan, Pune 11/03/1993)

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