Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Beyond the Mind

Because this mind, which is just a bubble as I told you and is so limited that it cannot comprehend the beauty, the glory, and the expanse of reality. This mind is just a collection of all the garbage we should say, which we have to somehow or other deny and tell ourselves that I have to go beyond my mind. This so-called mind of mine has done no good for me. This 'mind of mine which has been all the time controlling me is just like the watch we have made and which is controlling us or like the computer that controls us. We have to be careful that we are the ones who have created this mind and this mind has no business to control us. ... Now, once your attention goes beyond the mind-only the Sahaja Yogis will understand this point very clearly. When this mind goes beyond the thoughts, then the manipulation of the attention is very important. Then whatever you manipulate means you take this attention to this or to that. You will be surprised how dynamic you become, how effective you become and how knowledgeable you become. Because once you can take this attention to anything you want, immediately there is light on that issue, on that person, on that problem and you see how it works out, how it helps. (21.03.1996, Delhi)

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