Monday, August 25, 2008

Using the Kundalini to expand your attention

Now, actually what has happened in realization - your Kundalini has risen and has come up. Just like you can say a small, thin hair - one hair, say. And that has broken your Sahasrara. And now the grace is flowing into it. But it is a very small' movement that has taken place - of course which is a very difficult movement no doubt; but it has taken place. Now you have not expanded like this. Your Chakras are only pierced in the center, but the rest of the Attention is still intact. Actually it is so intact, that you do not even feel that it is pierced. Now you have to expand' that. Open it out so that more strands of Kundalini can rise and your Attention, which is in these centres, expands. By expansion it drives out all that is mythical on the sides. On every centre we have our Attention, which is being enlightened in the centre through this light passing through. But the light is too small for the darkness that you have collected. (26.05.1980, UK)

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