Monday, August 25, 2008

Introspection in Meditation to be a Sahaja Yogi

If you become the ideals, the power of ideals itself will make you so dynamic that you don't need to consult anybody, you become the ideal. They are like torches. Your ideals itself will be enlightened. So the first attitude should be, how do we deepen ourselves? That should be the first attitude. (06, 11, 1983, UK) So in your meditations, you have to sit down. Now what do you see in meditation. Try to see all the chakras, what chakras are catching, face it yourself. These might be from your past life that some chakras are weak, try to make them all right, try to strengthen them because ideals have to be worked out. The instrument has to be all right, if the instrument is a crazy one how will you do? So first of all you must develop your instrument properly, it should be balanced, powerful, and not cowardly. People should feel your power. Of course the power is of love, but love doesn't mean that you compromise with all the nonsensical things. There should be no compromise at all. It's a very self-certifying state. We cannot say when it is, so we just cannot say. It, the state itself, will certify that 'I'm all right now; I have reached that state.' You cannot say after five hours three minutes and two seconds you will become that. You just mature and see that maturity within you. Once you understand that, unless and until you become your ideals, you are not a Sahaja Yogi. (06, 11, 1983, UK) You have to understand yourself what are your problems, why are you behaving like this. You treat yourself as a child. When it is needed you have to rebuke yourself. When you have to glorify, you have to glorify yourself. So now you separate. You become the mother, and you, whatever you are, which has to grow, is the child. Mother is the ideal. She is the inspiration, she is the power and the child is the recipient. If the child is an obstinate fellow, then you can't do anything about it. Also find out, you might be one of them. I know who are like that. There are many. And you can find them out in no time. Obstinate fellows, if they live with ten people suddenly we hear reports of their existence. They are quite eloquent, even if they are not talking a word, people can tell you, "I had a fight with such and such, that person said such and such a thing to me, that person was so cruel to me, that person demanded this," you know which person, where. You see, as a diamond can be made out, thorns can be made out also anytime. You go near the thorn, anyone without exception, it will bite everyone, it is not going to spare, it is a thorn. So a thorn has to be a thorn. But if you are a Sahaja Yogi you have to be a flower, and a strong flower, and an eternal flower that always grows, does not fade out, always growing never fades, such a flower you have to be, then you will be surprised that you do not get into a trip of ego neither you go into a complete collapse of super-ego. (06, 11, 1983, UK)

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