Monday, August 25, 2008

Using the Kundalini to attain Peace

Now how do you remove the thought from your mind is the problem, thoughts are all the time in your mind …the Kundalini when it rises, a thought rises and falls off and another thought rises and falls off, but when the Kundalini rises, then what happens is these thoughts become elongated and that starts some work inside and there is a gap in-between. This gap is the place of our peace; if you achieve that peace, the world peace can be achieved. By just taking placards, by shouting for peace you cannot establish peace, peace has to come from the hearts of human beings. In the hearts of human beings peace can only be established when you establish the spirit within it's core where it manifests the bliss of peace. When you start enjoying the bliss of peace you don't want wars, you don't think of a war and that is the state where now the human beings have to rise and go to that. The Kundalini which is a potential thing, which is the potential power of desire within us which as we can solve the primitive, manifests itself and becomes aware itself, that is what is Sahaja Yoga. Today it's all Sahaja, it's all spontaneous. All life process has been spontaneous, but today that is what is so spontaneous, our attention becomes peaceful, absolutely peaceful, and when that peace is achieved that peace is established within your heart through the ascent, then every bit of that peace emits peace. Such a person wherever he is emits peace. If there is quarrel going on there will be peace… So with this attention being absolutely stationed on a balance, you start seeing the superficiality and you start discarding the superficiality you immediately see that this is superficial there's nothing in it and then the attention only accepts whatever is deep, whatever is divine the rest of it is rejected, it doesn't accept, it doesn't react, it doesn't say anything about it, it doesn't accept, it has nothing to do without it, it just separated, the attention keeps a distance from all superficial things, it has no enjoyment.

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(10,07,1984, Chiswick)

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