Sunday, August 24, 2008

Developing sweetness in the Vishuddhi - from the heart

The humility is the best way of conquering this ego of Vishuddhi, and when talking to others, try to develop sweet methods, sweet ways, not hurting other people. And you will be surprised that Vishuddhi will immediately start behaving in such a sweet manner. So this Vishuddhi on the right hand side is to be controlled by surrendering as it is said. Actually you surrender your ego to begin with. And this ego when you surrender, it has to be done from you heart, it should not be a lipservice. From your heart: "I don't want this ego any more. I want Reality." "Let the Reality be seen by me, felt by me, enjoyed by me." And once you start doing it from your heart, you will be amazed that your voice will become sweet. Apart from that, it will have the Divine Power flowing through it. That is what we say that you have now "wak shakti", means the power of speech. So when you surrender ego, what you do actually is to say that "I'm not doing anything, it is You who does everything"; so that a little drop has now become an ocean, and so your sound has got the power of the ocean. (04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria)

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