Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surrender the ego - from Vishuddhi Chakra

But one has to realize that the message of Shri Krishna was to surrender. Now the surrendering that we think in the gross way is like an enemy surrenders to another enemy. So when the word "surrender" is spoken, we build up our barriers by thinking that we have to surrender something to the other part. But when Shri Krishna was talking about surrender, He was saying that "surrender your enemies to me so that I will get rid of them". Now the worst enemy that we have is our ego. And with ego starts all kinds of other problems, because it is the biggest barrier for our growth. And the ego starts as you know from the Vishuddhi Chakra, and can be sucked into Vishuddhi Chakra. Now let us see how is Vishuddhi Chakra made. All the vowels that we use come from Vishuddhi Chakra.... So as you know you cannot compile a word without a vowel, it is so important. A consonant is weak, without any strength, without the vowel. So the strength of a person comes through the Vishuddhi Chakra in his speech. But it can be absolutely stiff also; the strength could be absolutely stiff. Supposing you have a very strong weapon but you can't lift it, so what is the use of having a weapon like that? See, this Mr. Ego tries to make the weapon heavy and stiff like jammed machine-guns. Now that is what He has said that "surrender your ego to Me", so that when you say a mantra or utter words, they are effective as weapons, good weapons, effective good weapons, efficient. (04.09.1983, Vienna, Austria)

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