Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surrender to attain Gravity

If one cannot surrender that doesn't mean that you don't do anything, but surrendering means "the worship", the respect for the higher, the obedience to the higher, not to argue it out, not to react; acceptance, absorption. Like a child absorbs the milk of the mother without questioning, without reasoning. That is why Christ has said, ''You have to become like children.'' But if you are questioning, then you are no more a child. So the first state, which you have to develop, is a childlike state, but a child that is a realized child, which has to have gravity. If you can develop childhood first then everything takes a proper course, because maturity cannot take place unless and until you start from the very beginning. And gravity means maturity, not frivolousness. (14. 07. 1984 - Leysin, Switzerland)

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