Sunday, August 24, 2008

Developing the gravity of a Guru

So the word Guru means Gravity, that the Mother Earth has gravity. In the same way a person who is a Guru has to have the gravity. But how do you develop this gravity.

Some people just artificially become very grave and sometimes show that they are very serious or something like that.

Gravity is within yourself. In the second state, we should say, of guru Pada {position} is your gravity must manifest. As you become the witness your gravity starts expressing itself. It will not show as temper or seriousness or anything like that. But it will manifest in a way that the whole thing will become extremely dignified and majestic.

It will just manifest by itself. So the state in which you rise, now becomes effective. Before this it was not. You had to all the time manipulate, say this, say that.

But in your silence you can manifest your gravity, and this gravity is extremely... it acts like a magnet. As you know there is a magnet in the mother earth. That we call as the gravity by which people are attracted. We are resting on this mother earth because of her gravity.

Everything is attracted to Mother earth because of her gravity. So you get a magnetic temperament, magnetic character, magnetic personality. And this magnetic personality that you develop, immediately shows that it is manifesting its power, try to understand. Like the light now is coming on me it is just giving light, but it is not manifesting anything.

We can see the sun's rays, is the best example. Sun's rays when they fall onto the leaves, the rays, which look simple, manifest their power of making it into chlorophyll. In the same way when you are at that height or at that state then without saying anything, without doing anything, even a glance, you manifest; but not only that, you record everything.

(H.H. Shri Mataji, 1992, Guru Puja)

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