Thursday, November 27, 2008

It is the wisdom and the innocence in you that matters…

”Shri Ganesha is the Child, but He is the giver of wisdom. So we can say that our children are the giver of wisdom, if we keep them on the line of wisdom. How wisely they talk. Some of them tell me all about you people and what you are up to. They take me into confidence completely.

Without children, the world would have been desert without any flowers. Shri Ganesha has created you; because of Him you were born and He is the one who looked after you when you were in Mother's womb. He is the one who saw to it that you are born at the right time. He is the one who has looked after your nourishment, the development of the foetus and the brain.

A simple villager is extremely practical and wise. Once a simple villager was traveling with some flamboyant boys who thought they were very smart. They were trying to tease this villager. So a boy asked him a question "If the butter is selling for a quarter of a pound, what will be the price of the egg in the next station. If you can not tell the price of an egg, then you can at least tell me my age." the villager said, "you must be twenty -two." "How do you know?" asked the boy. The villager replied, "I have a brother who is eleven years old and he is half mad, but you are full mad!!"

All this smartness and cleverness finishes off when it comes to Innocence. Many people have a feeling that we have lost our innocence that is an internal quality you have got.

You never lose your innocence. May be as clouds can cover the whole sky, your ego, conditioning and mistakes, but it is always there. Only thing is that it is for you to respect it and behave in a manner that you respect your innocence. Do not feel shy about your innocence. Your innocence itself is a power and will definitely give you that wisdom, by which you can solve all the problems without any difficulty".

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Shri Ganesh Puja, Tirol, Austria, 26-08-1990)

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