Wednesday, November 26, 2008

On the right-hand side Shri Chakra, on the left-hand side Lalita Chakra

It's a remarkable thing how this Shri Chakra is here and how they have made the complete calculation of Shri Chakra.We have Shri Chakra on the right side. On the left side we have Lalita Chakra.

So, all the things we do with hands after realization are worked through on the right-hand side Shri Chakra, on the left-hand side Lalita Chakra. Now, how it works is very complicated thing, but we don't have to worry about that.

As soon as you put your hand on somebody the chakra knows how to work it out. It works by itself, as if it is a built in mechanism within us which knows what kind of vibrations to be given to a particular person, for a particular cause, or a particular purpose.

If that person has certain defects also, these chakras know what is to be emitted, how to work it out.It is not that [when] we have Kundalini awakening only these [seven] chakras are awakened, we also have these two chakras awakened within us because of Kundalini.

If you have Vishuddhi problem, you can find that your hands are stiff and you cannot feel ... [the] guidance or ... the divine intentions of realization because when you start using your hands you don't feel any vibrations so how will you know what is happening.

It's a very complicated thing and for that complicated thing these humans are ... prepared already. They are quite equipped [with] all the knowledge that is necessary like a feedback ... or we can call it a complete programming is there. As soon as you put your hands on a person the programming starts working it out. Because [the] programming is done by God Almighty it can never be wrong. There cannot be two different things as far as Sahaja Yoga is concerned

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Mahalakshmi Puja Talk
Kohlapur, India Dec 1990

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