Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Manifest our gravity to reach the depth within - through witness state

So now when you start witnessing something without thought, there is no obstruction for absorbing the knowledge about that thing, because there is no thought. It's complete absorption takes place. And then it manifests.

This is how the divine power works within us. So with our gravity what we do is to touch that depth within us, which can carry the divine power and manifest. Unless and until we touch that depth within us Sahaja yoga is like Hare Rama Hare Krishna; nothing better than that, and that's why I find so many Sahaja yogis sometimes really go off their rails suddenly because they have no gravity to go down into their own being and to feel the beauty and the glory of their own being and to use that gravity for manifesting divine power.

We could say that supposing there is a vehicle, which is very weak, which is not yet properly fixed, cannot be used for something substantial. And the most substantial thing in your lives is this divine power, which looks very light; you never feel the weight of this divine power. You'll never feel the pressure of this divine power but if you are not clean, if your channel is not clean then this divine power cannot flow properly, it cannot manifest.

So when we say that we are the instruments of God Almighty then like this instrument we are, now we are connected to the mains. If this instrument is not all right than it cannot manifest whatever it is supposed to do.

(H.H. Shri Mataji, 1992, Guru Puja)

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