Sunday, August 24, 2008

Unique and Perfection both differ

Trust yourself. Trust that you are realised souls. Trust that God loves you. He has chosen you to be His instrument. Love yourself. You are unique. No doubt. As it is, human beings, every individual is a unique personality.

But after realisation you are definitely unique. One has to use discretion about understanding. It never means ego trip. If you cannot correct yourself, you are not master of yourself. Yes, you are not perfect. You are unique, but you are not perfect. You have to perfect yourself. These words can be very confusing.

When I say you are unique, immediately you think you are perfect. These are two words. Unique and perfect. Somebody can be unique, but he can have imperfections. So you have to perfect yourself and trust in yourself that you can perfect yourself through your Kundalini awakening, clearing your chakras, by understanding yourself you can perfect yourself. You have to perfect.

How much you feel responsible about yourself is the second point. How much you are responsible to be there, to be a cell in the heart. Any cell that fails, fails the heart. Every cell in the heart has to be extremely sensitive, and extremely obedient to the Self, to the Spirit. It has to activate, work harder when there is need or emergency, and it enjoys the most. And no impurity should be allowed.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(02.08.1981, UK)

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