Monday, August 18, 2008

Shiva forgives us always…BUT there is a reaction.

Rudra is the destructive power of Shiva, of the spirit. Now one power which is His nature, is forgiveness. He forgives because we are human beings, we commit mistakes, we do wrong things, and we get tempted; our attention is disturbed; so he forgives us. He also forgives us when we spoil our chastity, we do immoral things, we do thieving, and we do things that are against God, talk against him. He also forgives our superficialities, jealousies, our lust, and our anger. Also he forgives our attachments, pretty jealousies, vanities and also possessiveness. He forgives our egoistical behavior and also our subordination to wrong things.

But every action has a reaction, and when He forgives, He thinks that he has given you a big grace mark, and that reaction builds up within Him, as a wrath against those who are forgiven and try to do greater mistakes.

Especially after realization, because such a big blessing there, is of the realization; you have got the light and in the light if you are holding onto your plate then his wrath goes up because, he sees how stupid you have been. What I am saying is that after a realization specially, He much more sensitive that people who are forgiven and have been given such a big thing like self realization, still they do wrong things then he is much more wrathful. So, in the balance the forgiveness start reducing and the wrathfulness starts increasing.He protects realized souls at every point, in every way. Negative forces try to attack Sahaja Yogi but they are all neutralized by His tremendous power of protection. Through his vibratory awareness we are guided into right path. All the beautiful blessings of His are described in the psalm 23 … " The lord is my shepherd" Is all described how he looks after you as a shepherd.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala devi

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