Monday, August 18, 2008

Shri Krishna is so knowledgeable and cleaver..

"Shri Krishna did not come for very long. In short time he killed many Rakshasas. He fought on one side of Pandavas. He said he did not kill the Kauravas, but he did. The style of Shri Krishna on the one side is extremely sweet like honey. That is why he is called Madhava to the people who want to be blessed by Him.

But to the evil people he is one of the most dangerous personalities. Of course Shiva also does that. Shiva and also the Devi have killed so many rakshasas. She went into wars, discussions and arguments. But Shri Krishna never argued, he knew how to get rid of them one by one. He played several tricks on them there was an evil rakshasa who was torturing people and Shri Krishna was engaged in a war with him. So Shri Krishna played a trick on him. Shri Krishna entered a cave where an ascetic was sleeping. This ascetic had obtained a boon from Shiva that anyone who disturbs his sleep should turn into ashes. Shri Krishna took out his shawl, covered the ascetic very gently with it and hid himself. The rakshasa entered the cave and mistaking the sleeping ascetic for Shri Krishna kicked him. The ascetic got up and as he looked at him with his third eye, the rakshasa was burnt to ashes. This was the trick.

Shri Krishna is so knowledgeable and cleaver, because he is the brain. He is the Virata. All His love, compassion and beauty were meant only for his gopis and gopas. As a king His life is very mysterious to understand, but Sahaja Yogis can understand."

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

(Shri Krishna Puja, Ipewich, UK, 19-08-1990)

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