Monday, August 25, 2008

Significance of Thoughtlessness

All that happens in the thoughtless state is enlightened. Light never talks. If you switch on the light in the room, the light won't speak or give you any ideas. It would just make everything visible. The same is true about the light of thoughtlessness. First become thoughtless and then doubtless. Then all your doubts go and you know that there is some power that works. It works very fast and is all-subtle. You will be amazed how it happens. This is also about time. I never look at a watch. But my real watch is in the thoughtlessness. If you are thoughtless God takes you everywhere as if on his hands. He makes all arrangements. He knows everything and there is no need to tell him about anything. But you must see whether you are in the main stream or not. If you are not in it then you are stuck up somewhere on the bank; then the current comes and takes you in twice or thrice, but again you are on the bank. Then you say 'Mataji, nothing goes smoothly for me'. It won't because you are entangled. (Nirmala Yoga, 1982)

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