Monday, August 25, 2008

Surrendering to attain Thoughtlessness

Many people say, "we have surrendered everything", but it does not happen because they do it only in talking. Surrendering is not talking. You have to surrender to attain thoughtlessness. That is you have stopped thinking. When you stop thinking you come to the center. When at the center, immediately you go into thoughtless awareness, i.e. become one with God's power, and when you are one with the God's power, He looks after you. He takes care of your small things also. You will be amazed. It is worth trying and after that you will realize that what you were doing earlier was wrong. So once you are in thoughtlessness you will get all inspirations, all powers and everything.

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Nirmala Yoga, 1982)


Sukhvinder said...

i m striving hard for "Thoughtlessness in meditation" do we need to concentrate on something or see something when sitting for nirvichar?

What do we mean by surrendering here? Pankaj, can u please explain...

Pankaj Sharma said...

firstly the meaning of surrender wht Shri Maa has explained to us is :

But one has to realize that the message of Shri Krishna was to surrender. Now the surrendering that we think in the gross way is like an enemy surrenders to another enemy. So when the word "surrender" is spoken, we build up our barriers by thinking that we have to surrender something to the other part. But when Shri Krishna was talking about surrender, He was saying that "surrender your enemies to me so that I will get rid of them".

Pankaj Sharma said...

secondly regarding thoughtlessness in meditation

u dont hve to concentrate on any thing . it should be effortless.

If thoughts r distrubing u alot than just surrender them , also try to witness them but u should not include urself in the toughts

Pray to shri Maa with only one pure desire in you that u want to be one with who have created u , ask for Shri Maa plz establish my attention on my sashrara chakra

Our Divine Mother..!