Thursday, August 21, 2008


To develop, one must meditate. Important thing is to meditate everyday; Everyday; everyday. You may not eat your food one day : you may not sleep one day: you may not go to your office one day: you may not do anything that you are doing everyday. But you must meditate everyday. That's an important point.
Bombay Puja 1988

You don't have to spend too much time on meditation. But whatever time you spend; whatever you gain, has te be visible outside. How you radiate and how you give it to others-that's the quality of the saints you have to be. Unless and until you became deeper, we cannot save other Sahaja Yogis. And we cannot save those who are not Sahaja Yogis.

Meditation is a part and parcel of our lives. As far as human being s they have to breathe, you have to meditate. If you do not meditate, you can never grow. You will remain the same. The growth of a personality takes place only when you meditate and become deeper. Superficially is not going to help. This is the reason why one has to meditate – but not for a long time.

Those who come to Sahaja Yoga and do not meditate and do not rise, are destroyed or they are thrown out of Sahaja Yoga.

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