Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Anti-sahaj culture & practices will give Ekadasha Catch.

Now the right sided one comes from the idea people have that " I am myself a big Guru" They start preaching about Sahaja Yoga also as if they have become great gurus. We have known some people who give big lectures in any programmes and NEVER ALLOW MY TAPE TO BE PLAYED or anything. They think they have now become experts. Then some of them say that now we have become so great that we need not to do any foot soaking or anything, there is no need to do meditation; there are some like that also. And then there are some, who say that sin can never touch us, now we are sahaja yogies, we are a very great evolved souls. But the worst of all are those who just take my name saying that "Mother has said so and I am telling you because Mother has said", When I have never said such a thing ; it is all falsehood. Now there are some people who use sahaja yoga money and exploit sahaja yoga in such a way, exploit them, Sahaja Yogies also sometimes. And such people become very inauspicious. Any one who tries such things will go out of Sahaja Yoga with disgrace. But one should never go near such a person, have nothing to do with such a person, have no sympathies. Because this inauspiciousness will hurt anyone to any extent; so better keep out of such persons……..

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