Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ekadasha Rudra and the Cleansing of Catches

Some notes from Mothers advise on how to correct problems with the Ekadasha Rudra (Delhi-1981)
1. Establish your innocence. Put your eyes to mother earth.

2. Cleanse your void. If you went to a false Guru beat him with shoes.

3. Put your attention more to Nature than to other people.

4. Be careful when organizing: stop organizing if you are catching on this center, and do not speak in public.

5. Obstinacy catches here.

6. A halfhearted commitment to Sahaja Yoga can cause a problem with the Ekadasha Rudra.

7. The Ekadasha Rudra collects from the left and the right sympathetic. Therefore, the combination of a left catch with the right catch will particularly affect it.

(Nirmal Yoga, vol.3, no. 16, Jul- Aug 1983)

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