Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When you wash My Feet you do the same thing and even when you evoke fire you do the same thing

"Now you cannot think about the Puja. These are things, which happen into a realm, which is beyond thinking. So you have to understand that you cannot rationalize the Puja. You should have the maximum advantage on your Chakras. For that you must fully just concentrate on the Puja, and how the wind is blowing. And the wind will see to it that it drives out all the clouds. So your only work is- your only method is - just to concentrate on the Puja and witness. You are a seer.

Seer has a double meaning. The one who sees only, just sees and he is only knowledge, he is a seer. Without any thought, without any reaction, just sees and absorbs automatically, spontaneously, he is the seer. For Me sometimes it is burdensome because there should be some parity between you and the deities, some balance must be there".

Here you are saying all the mantras and the deities are awakened and there you are who do not want to receive anything within your heart. So I am the One who has to stock up all the extra energy that is produced in My Body. So it would be better if you all keep your hearts opened and watch the Puja without thinking about it. Today we will reverse the method of the Puja. First we will do the Havana and then the Puja, it will be better. Because by that we will evoke the fire element which burns away all the evils. When you wash My Feet you do the same thing and even when you evoke the fire you do the same thing.

Today first we will have the Havana and then the Puja, both are just the same. You can worship Me with water or with fire. The essence of fire is the glow all that is wrong, all that is evil is burnt off and then the glow shows on the faces and on the bodies of the seekers. And also the atmosphere is charged with the beautiful vibrations when you have the Havana."(Importance of Puja and Havana, Paris, June 18, 1983)

"At the Nirvikalpa state, the collective consciousness becomes subtler and subtler. At that stage you can understand the very deep significance of things when the reality starts becoming clearer….

You give him a statue of a deity and ask him all about this statue- whether it is alright or not? He might say that it is not alright. You can feel the subtle vibrations, whether it is in Dharma or otherwise. Now can we say, say that Astavinayakas are living Gods? How do you know? Jyotirlingas are living? How will you know unless you know the integration of all the great souls together? And how are you going to judge them? That is why you must get Realization."

(New Delhi, India, February 15, 1977)

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