Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photograph is much more powerful than any statue…

( Mother earth)

" There were no photographs before. Only in My lifetime the photographs have started, for your information. These photographs also you have developed yourself on your own, of course with the help of the Holy Ghost no doubt, that goes without saying, but you have developed it. I Myself did not know this photography would catch Me so much. I did not know Myself. You will be amazed that I started seeing that these photographs are more powerful than a statue, which is made according to what I was before. Because this is the present thing: this is how I exist. I was amazed Myself that it was emitting vibrations and life that My photograph came up so well….

And the photograph, if you think, is representing Me, I think you are not expressing it fully. I was amazed that My photographs are much more powerful than many statues put together, even produced by Mother Earth, because photography has so many elements in it. For example, you see it has light element, it has water element, it has earth element and also air element. If the air is not all right, you cannot take a photograph.

And also it has ether element. With all these five elements, you cannot produce a statue. Ether element it has because if you have a photograph here, you can transmit the photograph, but you cannot transmit a statue, as it is anywhere- only the photo of a statue you can. So it has also ether in it. So photograph is much more powerful than any statue…

So there's a very big difference between a statue and a photograph because My attention is there. Of course, even the statues, which are created by Mother Earth also, have vibrations and they also show they have vibrations, but they cannot give you the awakening of the Kundalini because My photograph has My desire also in it. They cannot. If they could Stonehenge would have."

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