Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Celebration of Diwali

Today we are going to celebrate the Diwali, which means the rows of lights or, you can say, group of lights. This Diwali has been a festival of very ancient times in India. I already told in My previous lectures what these five days are. After killing Narakasura (the demon), Diwali was celebrated when it was the darkest night of the year. So now, it is very symbolic of these modern times because the worst time, as far as morality is concerned has been in these modern times. We call it the Ghor Kali Yuga, the worst modern times. That means a complete darkness and, as you see around, you'll find out that there is complete darkness as far as morality is concerned, but that's why there are all kinds of crises. Because of that, also, there are many who are seeking the light, the truth.

(05.11.1994, Turkey)

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