Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ideal Relationships

That relationship with yourself should be tyrannical. You should lash it up. You should absolutely make it clear to yourself that 'I have to perfect myself, if I have to give this, my being, to God, it has to be perfect.' Secondly, if you have relationships with others, it has to be ideal relationship. Sahaja Yogi with Sahaja Yogi means something great! The greatest relationship is that. With your sister, with your brother, it should be ideal. And in collectivity we have to be progmatic. In collectivity we can change our course, we will take the way we like, the way it moves, we will manage it. But otherwise? You see, for example, take a plane when it is in the air, it can go where it likes, but the screws are ideally fixed. They cannot just start, like a pilot seat does not got to the back, and the back does not come to the front. Alright. And the screws or anything that is made are perfect. But aeroplane is fixed. It can go Southwards, Northwards, any way it wants to go. Only the things that are in it are corelated with each other in such proportions that they cannot budge from their ideal positions. If you understand this very simple thing about relationships and attitudes you will never have a problem.

Your relationship with Sahaja Yogis has to be absolutely ideal relationship. Otherwise some screw is loose. Try to make it ideal. Say there is one person, you find one person to egoistical or something, try to see what's wrong with you first of all. "Am I perfect? Am I alright? If I am not, then I'd better correct myself. But if I am a good person, that way I am not dominating, then I should try to bring down his ego, by making sweet things come to him". Try to be kind to him so that his ego comes down. Manage somehow, to establish ideal relatioship. It is absolutely simple. Now see the relationship between that flame and me has to be proper,so that it does not burn me, isn't it? It is absolutely simple. In lifetime also, we have to do the same thing. That relationship with each has to be perfect because you are the unit.

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a comment by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Q+A session, London, August 1982

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