Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mantras are the words of your Kundalini

"A Puja or a prayer grows from your heart. Mantras are the words of your Kundalini. But if Puja is not performed from the heart or if the Kundalini is not associated with the recitation of Mantras then that Puja becomes a ritual. Best is worshipping in the heart. You should say Mantras in Puja but with great faith (Sharddha). You should perform the Puja when Sharddha goes deep so that heart itself gets all the Puja performed. At that time, waves of bliss start flowing because it is the Spirit that is saying.

People pour their wine in the glass. Your Puja is like that. In that, wine is your faith and the glass is the recitation of the Mantras and the worshipping. When you are drinking that wine forgetting everything how can a thought come? Then only you are bathing in the ocean of bliss. However, the joy that you get after drinking the wine is eternal and ever-present".

(Sayings of Shri Mataji, Nirmala Yoga, vol.5 no.29, Sept- Oct 1985)

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