Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The essence of humbleness, humility and selflessness…

"… Criticism should go out of our minds but appreciation should be practiced, appreciation of other children, other people. That doesn't mean you appreciate all others but torture your wife or husband. That also is an imbalance. First responsibility is your family but you should appreciate others and this comes when you have no jealousy of others. If you have jealousy you have to use it for the right purpose. The right purpose is that you have to use it for the right purpose. The right purpose is that you have to be jealous of a person who is spiritually higher than you, and you practice so that you become better. If jealousy is for competition then you compete with a person who is more compassionate, more loving, more sacrificing, more patient. Then this competition becomes more nourished.

The worst enemy of collectivity is aggressiveness. Some people are basically aggressive, their style of talking is aggressive, or come from a very aggressive family, or having a kind of a superiority complex or an inferiority complex or a sense of insecurity. Or may be they are possessed. They try to dominate; they have very strong feeling towards people, of superiority. This has to be cured. What you have to practice is humility, try to be humble. There was a joke that one gentleman was going up from the staircase, and the other was coming down from it. The gentleman who was going up said to the other " Please move ". The other said, "I don't move for fools ". The person who was climbing up said "But I do" and he moved out.

That’s how the humility works. You have to be humble in your approach to others because you are so powerful you can bear it. That is humility which you have to practice, and all these qualities if you have you will really be surprised that you will lose your selfishness."….

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Virata Puja, Melbourne, 10-04-91)

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