Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How the Maya worked on the Ego of Human being

"…On this Mother principles in India people are very sure that it is the Mother who does everything. And thus we have in India many, we should say ' Swayambhus' means the things that are created out of the Mother Earth. For example we know in Maharashtra we have got Mahakali's place, Mahasaraswati , Mahalaxmi and also we have got a place for the Adi Shakti . Some people who have been to Nasik , must have seen a Chaturshindi (How many people have been to Chaturshindi out of you? It is good). So, this Chaturshindi represents the Adi Shakti, which is the forth dimension of this power which gives you the ascent, and ultimately through Mahalaxmi Channel only you get your realization.

All this is a process - all was created by the power of Adi Shakti. It is a tremendous task. Though previous ones were not difficult because there, for nature to create was very easy. The Mother Earth is one with the Adi Shakti; the whole atmosphere is one with the Adi Shakti. So She could create all that without any difficulties. But when human being came - they got their freedom. That is the only species, which fell into the 'Maya' of thinking and of having ego in it. With this ego, ' Maya' worked on them, I should say, and they forgot about the principle that created this Universe. They took it for granted. They felt that this is their own achievement and they are the owner of everything. This started working in their mind so much that they invaded other countries, they destroyed so many people, and they never felt bad about it. All their lives they have been thinking about aggressing others, controlling others, and doing all kinds of harmful things.

But they never even thought or never did introspection to see that what we are doing is very very wrong and it should not be done. Because of this freedom they have, it is such turmoil in this world, and the people who were in charge of affairs, they were very very cruel and had no feelings for the people. And this happened so many times on this earth. Now Sahaja Yoga has started. Once Sahaja Yoga has started we have Sahaja Yogis who are now receiving the blessings of Adi Shakti directly."

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala
(Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, 21.06.1998)

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