Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How the Heart goes mental? And how to attain Divinity and Spirituality

…"Another way is that you start seeing the blessings and you start seeing how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. Still on the mental level most of the people recognize but unless and until it is recognized in the heart it is no recognition. Already the heart is surrounded by seven auras of the seven Chakras and the Spirit (Atma) resides in the heart. As it is on top of your head resides God Almighty Sadashiva. When Kundalini touches that point your Spirit starts spreading and it starts acting on your central nervous system because automatically the vibrations, the Chaitanya flow into your brain, which enlightens your nerves. But still recognition of the heart is not there. Even without that you start feeling the cool breeze. You can raise Kundalini of others. You can cure people. You can do many things but still it is not recognition because recognition is mental activity of the heart. How can heart have a mental activity? This is another problem you face-i.e. The mental activity of the heart. Say you are a Christian born in a Christian family; as soon as you see the photograph of Christ you feel something in the heart. If you are a Hindu and you see a photograph of Shri Ram, immediately it's recognition in that heart.

But the recognition of somebody living with you is very very difficult and you live on the cusp of your mental activities only. But to go deep down into your heart, what should be done? How can the mental activity be performed through the heart you must remember that heart is absolutely connected with the brain? When heat fails the brain also fails. The whole body goes out of order. So this mental activity of the heart is to be understood this way that as soon as you see danger, without even thinking, in a reflex way your heart starts pumping more blood and you get palpitation. It is a reflex action. This activity takes place because it is built in within you. That as soon as you see emergency your sympathetic nervous system goes into activity and you start feeling the fear, the desire to do something about it, but you do not think, you just run. The fear is built in the central nervous system. Any reaction or response is built in. but the response to the Spirituality is yet not manifested. It will manifest. Through your past you have learnt that you have to be afraid of this or that. With the experience gradually you built in reaction of reflex within you so that you try to save yourself. What experience should you have to build that in your heart? This experience is of your own Divinity and Spirituality. Once you start developing that experience then you know that you are Divine person.

Unless and until you are fully aware that you are a Divine person, whatsoever faith you may have in the recognition is not complete because the one who is recognizing me is a blind person."
H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Sahasrara Puja , Ischai, Italy ,05-05-1991)

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