Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You leave it to Param Chaitanya and it works well

I was building a house in Poona and we had to put a slab, very very big slab, needed about three hundred bags of cement for that. So I got the cement and I got the people but they said you start early in the morning and you can finish next morning, 24 hours. I said alright . So at about 5 0' clock I told let us go, the work is over. They said how do you know? I said I know, let us go. So imagine it was going to finish after 12 hours, was already finished and all the workers were walking about. Every body said, ' Mother it is a miracle.' 'How can such a big slab be laid in such a short time? To make them understand, I said you see, Hanumana must have done the job. All these people, all these Deities are part and parcel of that Param Chaitanya. Now you are worshipping the Mother. To worship the Mother is the biggest thing because all these Deities and everybody are Her Children, under Her Command, under Her Desire.There is a story as you know, about Ganesha that the Mother said that the one who goes round the Mother earth three times, I will give a present. So Shri Ganesha thought in his wisdom who is greater than my Mother? No one else because he knew that he cannot compete with his brother who had got a peacock for the conveyance. So he said how can I go round to win over this present. So best is to take to wisdom. My Mother is greater, is greater than everything else. So he went around his Mother three times and he got the prize, as the other brother was just still moving on. When he came back he found that the present is already lost. So again and again I am saying it is the wisdom that helps. The wisdom to leave everything to Param Chaitanya for a modern person, this is something very difficult to understand."

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Navaratri Puja , Cabella 27.09.1998)

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