Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How it all had to happen in the beginning of our world!!

I remember the first incident when we went to Nargol where I had opened the Sahasrara. The first person who got realization was a Gujarati jeweler. There were hardly 35 people. They started saying that because he is a rich man, so Mother has given him realization. I think that is the first time and last time I really got angry. I started shouting at them: ' you good for nothing, useless people, you can never take to Divinity.' I had really thought that I would stop it, take another life and another time where people would understand what is Sahaja Yoga.

But after that suddenly the people started feeling the cool breeze in their hands., after my shouting. They said,' Mother it is working.' Thus we got 12 people then we had 14 Sahaja Yogis only for whom it was something out of the blue and they were all flabbergasted. They did not know what it was. Surprisingly in one of the programme, a lady who was possessed by some Brahmins came and started saying Jagdamba, Jagdamba. I had never told them who I was.

She recited a poem from Saundarya Lahiri in Sanskrit language and she was just a maidservant. Everybody was shocked that the Bhoot should say all these things. Then she went away. After that these people started probing into it and they wanted to have my Puja first time in my house itself. Still people were not very sure they were doing the right thing. Even the Brahmins they called said this Saptashati Puja is a very difficult Puja and something will happen to us. After the Puja they all felt the cool breeze. The entire atmosphere changed and they started understanding that Sahaja Yoga is the Yuga Dharma, is the one of this Kali Yuga. So the Sahaja Dharma became the Dharma of this Yuga.

This Yuga is difficult, no doubt. But in difficulties only we become intense seekers and that is what happened with all of you that you found out that whatever people were following they were not reaching any point. Like a cocoon. They were hitting their head here and there. They got their realization so quickly. When they told me how they were seeking what was happening to them. I was amazed, how the seeking was working within them. Also in the meanwhile so many got lost into the clutches of false Gurus. Despite that today we have so many Sahaja yogis." (Birthday Puja, 21.03,1993)

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