Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Principle navigates the Birds, fishes and dogs?

" Can you imagine the Birds go all the way from Siberia to Australia. How do they manage? What gives them the direction? It is the innocence, and the innocence is a magnet. In human being you don't find it evolved so much. They know which is north, south, east and west. Even a little bee will return to the place from where it comes. Even the fish have direction. Human beings can get lost. If you leave your dogs 5 miles away he will come back. How does he find the way? Their qualities, which are built within them through innocence, are actually the qualities of electromagnetic force and also pranana, which means when this electromagnetic force is charged with Shri Ganesha 's principle. They are so systematic, clean and sensible, but they are not ritualistic. Whatever God has given them, that binds them and they live within that boundary. Even if you go up to the stage of the animals, which live with the human being, they too are very affectionate. They just want love. One day if you do not care for your dog he will just not eat his food. It is so remarkable. I have seen among children, how they just want to love. They don't accept anything else except love. But as soon as they start growing up, specially in a materialistic world, then the whole materialism comes up".

(Shri Ganesh Puja, 19. 09.1993)

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