Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nepal was named after a Rishi called Ne-Pal

"Nepal was named after a Rishi called Ne-Pal. Christ also came to Nepal. It is a special country created by Mother Earth. It was only a sea, after the amrut -manthan, the Himalayas started pushing up till it reached a certain point called the Everest. It was created to shield India, the Kundalini of the Universe. It was necessary to protect the Kundalini. It is the brain of the Virata. They had to fence some country to preserve the ancient culture. Shri Ganesh had to be placed in India. That is why I had to take my birth in this country, at the Tropic of Cancer."
(Kathmandu Puja, At the Ashram, 30th March 1989

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