Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How Shri Adi Shakti created the Universe that we live in!

“ The whole atmosphere that we know of is very artificial. But when you understand what She has done- the first thing She does is to (in my book also I have written down about it but I would like to tell you) that Her first, we should say, manifestation is on the left hand side. That is the Mahakali's manifestation. So She comes on the Mahakali's system, the left hand side and that is where She created Shri Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is created because of His purity, His innocence and auspiciousness. This had to be created before She created the Universe.

So the first thing She does is to create Shri Ganesha and She settles down. Then She goes up, of course in the body of the Virata, and there She goes round and goes up on the right hand side in the other way, and there She creates all the Universes, as you call them 'Bhuwanas' - one Universe. There are fourteen Bhuwanas means this many many universes makes one Bhuwana. And She creates all these things on the right hand side.

Then She goes up and then She descends down creating all these Chakras- Adi Chakras or the Pithas. She comes down, makes all these pithas and then She settles as the Kundalini we can say, Kundalini is a part of it. The rest of the work is much more than this. So all the residual energy means after going through all this journey, then She comes round and She goes up as Kundalini. Because of this Kundalini and the Chakras, She creates an area, which we call as Chakras in the body. Now first She creates these Chakras in the head we call them the pithas of the chakras, and then She comes down and creates these chakras, which are in the body of the Virata. Now once this has happened then She creates human being but not directly. ,

Through the evolutionary process - She goes through, and that is how the evolution starts, and then it starts developing from the minute small little microscopic organism in the water and then it starts evolving. So when She creates water and She creates all the universes, She chooses this Mother earth as the best place to play Her evolutionary process. And there She makes this little microscopic thing".
H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, 26.06.1998)

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