Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mother replies to Sahaja queries:

1) Why my nails are thick?
Once a Sahaja Yogi was cutting nails of Shri Mataji, and he found the nails bit big and thick. Hesitantly he asked Mother, why the nails are like that!
Shri Mataji replied, "During my Narsimha incarnation (When Vishnu incarnation came to protect Prahlaad ) I had to grow my nails like a tiger to kill the Devil Hirnakashyapu , and that's why these are like this....

2) Why there are limited Sahaja Yogis in the world?
Some Sahaji asked Mother this question and mother replied " When She was fighting in Her Durga form with Mahishasura (the chief of devils), in that battle, Her huge necklace was broken and all the pearls in that necklace got scattered all over.
Now in this era, all those pearls, in fact, are here in the form of Sahaja Yogis, and She is picking those scattered pearls from all over the world to remake her broken necklace again.” See... How fortunate we Sahaja Yogis are, that Mother gave us the place near Her Her Necklace!

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Sameer Sharma said...

jai shree mata je.
nice bahia.may mother fill you with there love. when i read this i fill lots of vibration. my body fell that there is something move round and round at sahastrath. nowdays i fill very different world,so much peace.all the time my soul fell the love of shree maa.actually bahia i am very happy at this moment that i want to share my felling with someone so write them here.
i wants to go in more depth. bahia last night i see in my dream that there is a lady wear red sari (i thing they are shree maa but i don,t recognize them in my dream.because shree maa is adhi shakti "MAHA MAYA" )They tell me that your chakras are not integrated.ok i integrate you chakras.they start move there hands from my nabhi chakra to upward.but i stop them by saying that only my mother do plz don,t do anything with my chakra. when i move my hand towards them "i fell tremendorus amount of vibrations from them. Than i wake up. Its about 5 o'clock morning time.bahia plz send me what this i get integrate with my chakras.
jai shree mata je.

Our Divine Mother..!