Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How was the first orchestra of the universe composed! And Rawan the great melodious singer of his times!

" As we all know Seeta's marriage was a 'Swayamwar' wherein there was a condition that the marriage aspirant had to tie the string of the bow. In his effort to do this Lord Ram broke the bow. This breaking created a big sound in the sky. That was music of a kind. Gods' angels, fairies and apsaras became thrilled and started singing and dancing and the entire event became the first spontaneous expression of joy and this eventually became the first orchestra of the universe. This can also be taken as a good example of music i.e. a trinity of vocal, Instrumental and Dance. Ironically Rawan was also present as one of the marriage aspirants. The big bow became heavy for him. He could not lift up the bow, let alone tying the string. The bow fell on his body and he fell flat on the ground and consequently this became a great shock to his heart, which manifested itself in the Agnya Chakra through out his life. The same Rawan in Ramayan was a great musician and a melodious singer. One is surprised to find music and evil combined into one character. Rawan was a great memorable character in the sense that he was the one who had completely surrendered to evil qualities like ego, arrogance, over-confidence, villainy and an ability to do any bad thing. The evil in him was limitless. How come that this devil was musician -singer? His absorbing singing could not reach that point in excellence, which links Heaven and earth. At one time, it is said that when Rawan was singing Mantra of Lord Shiva, it so happened that the strings of his Veena were cut and broken, it was as if the strings of his heart was broken, and then he did nothing but cut one of his ten heads and used the nerves as strings of Veena. He did not see his oozing blood. He saw nothing. He was only singing until at last Lord Shiva became pleased, forgot his Kailash and came down to earth to meet Rawan. This shows that music in the epic period of Ramayana had a strange quality of excellence."

Source: ( Music and Sahaja Yoga, by Pandit Arun Apte, ,English version by Prof. D. V. Athavale, Ritana books, 1997)

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