Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Killing of Demons – with the power of Shakti

Killing of Demons – with the power of ShaktiThen the second day is the one where this horrible rakshasha called as Narakasura was killed. Always all killing is done with the power of the shakti. This Narakasura was the fellow who had tortured so many people and had done lots of cunning stuff, he was a very treacherous, cunning man and it was impossible to kill him; but then somehow or another with the advent of a special power, this Naraksura was killed. That was another day, the fourth day, when Naraksura was killed. They say that when he was killed, the door of hell was closed. So people should take their baths early in the morning. But I am of the opinion, that day the door is open, better not take baths, better be in your beds till this fellow is put fully into Naraka - you should not bother about him. Naraka means hell, and from the hell they extracted him and killed him.
(25.10.1998, Italy)

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