Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Destruction of Injustice

The last one is the best, where they have the meeting of Shri Rama and his brother Bharat. Shri Rama went to jail, obeying his father; for 14 years he was not in jail, but he went in the forest. It was a kind of a jail only because he was living in the palaces and then he was sent to the forest by his father: with his daughter-in-law, means his own wife, and also the brother - they went together into great sufferings - and you know the whole story of Ramayana. The child that lived in the palaces had to go in the forest and live in terrible conditions, when he was to be the king - it was too much. But Sita (Shri Rama’s wife) went with him and she supported him and ultimately it so happened that Ravana (the demon) came and took away Sita. Shri Rama fought Ravana, killed him, and brought back his wife. But when they came back to their own capital, in Ayodyha, there was a big jubilation and Bharat, his brother, he was very much attached to his brother (Shri Rama) and he ruled that country with the paduka, they say, (a kind of sandalwood slippers they use) of his brother: he put them on the throne, and ruled. So that is how the Bharatmilan, the meeting of Bharat with Shri Rama is celebrated and that was the time he was crowned also as the king. So it was a long time back, 1000’s of years back, this thing has happened. That jubilation is very significant, that the right king gets his own thrown and he rules and all injustice and all kinds of atrocities he has gone through has to be completely finished from his life and that’s why Diwali is important.

(25.10.1998, Italy)

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