Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Purity of Relationships

( Shri Vishnu & Maya )

Now, the second day of Diwali, last day, is where a brother and sisters celebrate together for relationship, which is so pure and protective. That is to show that, after putting the lights, morality must be the first priority for the society. I need not tell you today immoral side of modern times. It's horrible. Immorality is the greatest darkness of modern times where people do not know how they relate to each other for which, as I told you before, Christ has suggested that you take out the eyes of a man who looks at a woman twice because He found, at that time, people were horrid. Who can follow Christ in these modern times? Both the eyes, both the hands will be cut off. On the whole, if you see, I haven't seen any Christian like that, so far.

(05.11.1994, Turkey)

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