Friday, September 18, 2009

Navratri - 4th Night - Chaturthi

KOOSHMANDA Whose Void contains the Universe


So we have made it short now, just take a 'bandhan', it is the same thing as Kavacha you see. Realised souls, if they take a bandhan is the same thing. Whatever you have said here is done, yesterday's and today's, everything that has been said, all these Raksha Kari is done in one stroke

But now we should know how many of us take bandhan before going from the house, before sleeping or before doing something important. How many people take bandhan. Very seldom you forget it. Very important, going on a journey, going on a road, better take a bandhan, not that we are all right, Mother is looking after us, is not the point. You must take bandhan before doing all these things.

If you get an accident, then know that you have done some mistakes, or something otherwise, normally there should be not an accident, means there is something still lacking in you.

Which was promised long time back by Markandeya, now you have achieved it. This he had promised 14,000 years back that when Mahamaya will come, She will do this work, that it will happen. We must realise that we are getting all the promises fulfilled for us. Now, we have also certain promises to be made and we have to ask a question. Have we fulfilled our destiny in life or not?

This is a question we should ask, and we should not roam about in smaller petty things. Think of a bigger vision about yourself.

All these books have talked about Sahaja Yoga. But we must bring all religions in their true form, in their pure form. This is the work, one has to do, is to bring the religions in their purest form and not to adhere to them, whatever form has been created or done by human beings.

These religions are not created by human beings but by incarnations. So, human beings have made them artificial, they have made all kinds of nonsense with them.
We have to remember that religion in it's true and pure form. We have to respect and they are all just the same. If you come to the truer form, they are just the same, like the different petals of the flower. One may not look the same as other, but the whole thing makes a flower.

- H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

14th October 1988

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