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Navratri - 7th Night - Saptami

KALARATRI - Who is even the destroyer of Kali

When you give joy to someone. The source of joy has to be beyond joy.

I am the giver of knowledge.

Without the light of "Atma" without the light of the 'Spirit' how can you know anything?

Why not get Realisation? Without that what's the use of doing devi Puja. Without the knowledge of 'Atma', if you do any Puja, what is the use? You won't get Divine Blessings already said Thousands of years back.

"Vaikhari" is the powers by which we speak.

Any God's name you take, you ask are you this? ....... (Vibrations ....... ) Because the 'Shakti' of all those people is the essence of all those. Because I am that Shakti, that's why you get the vibrations. Ask anybody's name, even the saints, rishis, maharishis. 'Hanh' all of that is me. That is why that's the point they are trying to make.

Beeja Mantra means say the "Vaikhari". Vaikhari is the power of Speaking. This power of speaking is made into mantras by people who have power of Realisation. Now, so, for them to improve, supposing they want to improve their centre, or they want to improve their left or right. They have to say the Beeja Mantras. If they say the Beeja Mantras: that area gets the 'beeja', then the 'beeja' has to sprout and has to grow. So the first step they have is to say the 'beeja mantra' and they have to say the different mantras of the different chakras. So, one is the 'beeja' and then is the tree. So if you know the 'beeja' first of all, you can implant a 'beeja' into yourself by saying that, and then you start saying all other. So, that's how you make it grow.The word "Sanskrit" has come out of Kundalini's movement, when she makes a sound, all was recorded by the great saints and like that every Chakra has got vowels and consonants according to the number of sub-plexus they have, you can say petals they have and all of them make all the alphabets of Sanskrit language.

You all have become 'Vidyavaan' now.

Now you try to understand that how this 'vidya' has been penetrating into you slowly. Not with any teachers or anybody sitting with a stick in the hand. The whole 'Vidya' is exposed from within and without. Whatever I say, you can tally it on your Vibrations. So it goes into your hand. You don't accept it because I am saying but it is so, that's why you accept it. Supposing I say, this is water, then what, you will drink the water and you will see if it quenches your thirst. Then only you are going to believe that this is water, otherwise you are not going to believe. In the same way it is.

We are 'Swayama - Siddhas'.

"Ra" is the energy Radha. The one who sustain the energy is Radha. She is Mahalaxmi that is why She sustain the Kundalini.

"Eee" is the Primordial Mother, and "Ra" is the energy that is Kundalini. So the 'Reem' means that you have the energy passing through the thing towards the Primordial Being. So "Reem" that is why the Yogis - because they believe only in connection. Yogis believe in Yoga and so they have to look after the energy and also the Primordial Mother. This is very important because that is how energy should be there - Kundalini as well as Primordial Mother. Fourtee thousands years before they have written all this which is the truth, which you know now. Now when you read this book (Devi Saptashati), you will understand.

- H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

17th October 1988

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