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Navratri - 8th Night - Ashtami

MAHAGAURI - One Who made great penance

In the 'Mahalaxmi Stotrum', why should we have all these. Because it is the Kundalini. The Mahalaxmi is the channel of the Kundalini, so there are ASHTA LAXMIS, Then Mahalaxmi and lastly the DASHA LAKSMI. We got one after another these powers within us which are expressed on the Mahalaxmi channel. Now, in the Mahalaxmi channel we have to talk about Gauri. Because Gauri is the one which is the Kundalini. So they have to talk - that's why they say 'Ude Ude ga Ambe' They say in the Mahalaxmi temple. Why because, in the Mahalaxmi temple only they have to say that how you rise, we are ready, we are prepared, we have got the Mahalaxmi principle within us and now you can rise, the Kundalini and that's why the 'AAVAHANA'.'Palan' means mothering or looking after the child. She is the one who looks after the whole world like a mother..O Devi! you are the only support of this world, because you are as the mother earth and supporting the universe as the mother earth. Because of mother earth, the universe exists, because she, the Mother Earth was created out of all the cosmos, the whole cosmos is supported by Mother Earth. Like supposing you are building a house. The house is there but it is supported by the person who lives there. Otherwise it is meaningless like a bridegroom if he's not in the marriage, what's the use of having a marriage. The mere existence of this mother earth makes the whole cosmos to exist and to have a meaning.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
18th October 1988


1-2. After the demon Shumba was killed by Devi, all Gods led by Indra and Agni praised the Devi as under:

3. O Devi who removes the grief of all those who surrender, be pleased by us. O mother of the whole world, be pleased, O Goddess of the universe be pleased, and look after the universe. You are the Goddess of moving and non moving things.

4. O Devi, as you are the mother earth, you alone are the support of the world. You are water and you quench the thirst of the people. O Devi of immeasurable valour.

5. O Devi, you are the shakti Vaishnavi (the power of Shri Vishnu) of unending strength, you are the primordial seed of the universe, the supreme Maya. You have enticed all and when you are pleased, there is liberation on the earth.

6. O Devi, all kinds of knowledge are your forms. All women in the world are of your form. You alone have occupied the whole universe. You are the Paraa Vaani (highest and subtlest form of speech) beyond all praises, so which praise is really appropriate for you?

7. O Devi, you are praised in all scriptures as one who grants liberation and kingdom of God to all beings. So what letters or words can there be to praise you?

8. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani who is residing in the hearts of all as the Buddhi and leading all to the heavens.

9. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani who gives the effect of time in the forms of Kalaa, Kashthaa (small units of time) and the shakti beyond the universe.

10. Salutations to you O Narayani, who is three eyed, one to be surrendered, Shri Gauri, the consort of Shri Shiva, auspiciousness is all that is auspicious, and the one who endows all success.

11. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani who is the eternal Shakti behind the sustenance and destruction of the whole creation, who is within and beyond the three gunas.

12. Salutations to you O Devi, who is prompt to protect and help out all those sufferers who surrender to you.

13. Salutations to You O Devi Narayani who took the form of Brahmani (the Shakti of Brahma) and was sprinkling water with kusha grass, while riding in the heavenly car (or airplane of swan).

14. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani who was mounted on great bull in the form of Maaheshwari (the shakti of Shiva) and was wielding trident, crescent moon and snake.

15. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani who took the form of Kaumari (the Shakti of kartikeya) riding on peacock and was wielding great (invincible) shakti.

16. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani who took the form of Vaishnavi (the Shakti of Shri Vishnu) wielding the conch and the weapons; mace, discus, bow of Shri Vishnu, known as sharangadhara. Be pleased with us.

17. Salutations to you O Narayani, the bestower of all benevolence, is wielding great discus in the hand and raising the earth in the form of great boar, with its teeth.

18. Salutations to you O Narayani, who in the form of ferocious lion, killed the demons and protecting the three worlds.

19. Salutations to you O Narayani who in the form of Aindri (the Shakti of Indra) wearing the crown, weilding great thunder and having a thousand bright eyes, killed the demon

20. Salutations to you O Narayani who in the form of Shiva dooti, made frightening war cry and assuming the terrifying form, killed the mighty army of demons.

21. Salutations to you O Goddess Chamunda Narayani whose mouth was dreadful due to her great teeth, who wore as an ornament the garland of human heads and killed demon Munda.

22. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani, Laxmi, Lajja, Mahavidya, Shraddha, Pushti, Swadha, Dhruva, Maharatri, Mahamaya.

23. Salutations to you O Devi Narayani, Medha, Saraswati, Baabhravi, Taamasi, Niyati (destiny) be pleased.

24. Salutations to you O Devi Durga, the whole universe is your form, the Goddess of all, all powers are present within you, please save us from calamities.

25. Salutations to you O Goddess Katyayani, may this pleasing face of yours decorated with three eyes protect us from all fears.

26. Salutations to you O Bhadrakali may your trident which looks dreadful due to fire coming out of it, and which destroys mighty demons, protect us from calamities.

27. O Devi, may your bell, the sound of which spread everywhere and destroys the glory of demons, protect us from sins, just as a mother protects her son.

28. O Devi chandika, may the sword in your hand, from which the blood of demons is dropping, be auspicious to us.

29. O Devi, when you are pleased, you eradicate all diseases. When you are annoyed, no desire is fulfilled. Those who come to you for shelter, become capable of giving shelter to others.

30. O Devi Ambika, you have divided your form into many and have destroyed adharmik demons, who else can do it?

31. O Devi, all knowledge, all scriptures, and tenets of Vedas, contain your praise. You are the one who bring the people over and over again into the darkness of ignorance and attachment.

32. O Devi, wherever, there are dreadful demons, poisonous snakes, powerful armies of enemies and dacoits, wherever there are all burning fires and deep sea, you are present and protecting the universe.

33. O Goddess of the universe, you are looking after the universe. You are supporting the universe, as it is your own form. O Devi, the lord of the universe bows before you. Those who are humble before you with devotion, provide shelter to the universe.

34. O Devi, as you have protected us by killing the demons, please always protect us from enemies, please dispel all sins and diseases and calamities which befall reward of sins.

35. O Devi, dispeller of calamities of the universe be pleased with us. O Devi! who is worshipped by the three worlds, be pleased and grant boons.


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