Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Nobody' who is a human being should make them touch your feet. Especially the Sahaja Yogis should not

" So for normal people, even you are a Guru, you should not allow them to touch your feet. Only an incarnation's feet must be touched. Of course in Samayachar like us we have in India the custom to touch the feet of father, - but because the father is a representative of the Father in you, that's why, or the Mother. But that's symbolic. But in reality you are not to surrender yourself to anybody else but to an incarnation. Also if there's a teacher in art or in any way your master, you must touch his feet. Even to take his name you have to pull your ears. But 'nobody' who is a human being should make them touch your feet. Especially the Sahaja Yogis should not. Nobody should ask anyone to touch your feet. As an elder you may. That's a different point. But not as a Guru. It is a very dangerous thing. Once you start it you know what it happens with so many, they are just gone out of Sahaja Yoga.
So to develop the Guru principle within you, first of all you must develop 'yourself' fully. Now how to develop yourself for Guru principle, one must see. We have got the ten principles within you, as I told you before, and we should develop these all ten principle in such a way that we stand out from others. Yesterday as I told you that when we do Dhyana, Dharana and Samadhi and achieve the blessings of the Ritambhara Pragnya then put that whole thing on to different areas, called as Desha or Bhoomi. How you spend them is the point- through mantras. Cleanse it through your attention 'everyday' you must know which Chakra to be cleared out. You must know about yourself where is the problem, how is it to be cleansed, how we have to clear it out. Do not take it for granted.
Many people who have got say left sided problems you will just bring them lemon and chillies, and think that Mother has done the job. I can only do the job temporarily. But if there is a vacuum, again you will suck in you see. These vacuums within you feel hungry again, to have some more. So, to take out that vacuum is your job. And for that you have to 'religiously ' get out of all your defects. That's the most important thing for all of you. And try to put full attention to all these different Deshas, the Nations. And once, you have cleared, it is enlightened. Once that is achieved, then you have reached a point you can become a Guru. But still you are not a Sat Guru; you must achieve the state of Ateeta.

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
(Guru Puja, 24.07.1983, Lodge Hill Seminar, England)

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